Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rearranging -

We just don't have enough space in our home to have more than one of our children and their family over, unless it's summer, and we can party on our deck and in our yard. This has been a concern of mine - I like family dinners, and we've been "figuring" this out for quite some time. 

Scott and I have been in the "rearrange" our house mode, just for this reason, for about a year. It began with Scott's man-shed last November, moved into remodeling our bedroom as soon as I was able to get out of the bed for a few hours - we repainted, carpeted, put in new furniture. We've worked on our yard this spring and summer (when I say "we" I mean mostly Scott since my arm did not allow me to do much), re-roofed this fall, and then the past few weeks we've been furniture shuffling.

I have been on the watch for furniture, and a turquoise, bright, bold, with a touch of brown couch set caught my eye. And the shuffle began.

We shared the living room furniture with friends, moved the red leather set up, put the turquoise down, removed the hutch and table from our tiny kitchen, replaced it with a table that will seat 8-10, and now Scott is building me a smaller more funky desk for the office! And happily - it has all turned out, with just a little consultation and reassurance from friends. And voila - we have room for children and grandchildren!

A side note - my first job (well, first job was cleaning gum off the bottom of the restaurant tables for a penny per piece [my sister, Sheri, never made much money, but she always came away with a mouthful of gum]) was dusting furniture and vacuuming the floors at a furnishings store in Orem, UT when I was 16. My partner, Kathy, was the same age, and we had a blast assembling our dream homes. When the interior decorators caught on, they would give us the job of taking their clients' homes and putting a portfolio together - walls, floors, windows, lighting, furnishings, accessories for each room. This began my few years of working as an interior decorator. I loved the work. I did not, however, love clients who would vacuum their homes and then ask me to come over and re-place their furniture! Scott has not seen this decorator side of me, and so he has been introduced to a woman who "knows what she is doing." Ha!

Today I am grateful for the means with which to make these changes, the ability to make these changes confidently, and the support of a husband who welcomes change! 

Here are some pictures - before and after. And not that the "before" was bad, just a necessary change.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! Our house is way too small to entertain much company so I have been on a mission to declutter and simplify and it has helped a lot. I have got rid of a lot of my clutter and instead redecorated to include simple colors and bold furniture as the main focal point. In fact I just got the cutest couch at and receive lots of compliments on it.