Sunday, March 30, 2014

Place of Solace

While Scott and I were in Hawaii we talked about the places, hard core dirt on the ground, places where we find solace, solitude, respite. We love to travel; an adventure is always fun, always rewarding, and honestly, usually exhausting. Although Oahu and Kauai were spectacular, we came home tired. There was so much to see, so much to do, and we tried to get as much into our days as possible. Hence the tiredness that comes and then we need a vacation from our vacation. 

I'm a firm believer in traveling to places we enjoy (unlike places we went once and will never go again) at least twice. Once to get our bearings and the second time to relax and enjoy.

But, back to respite. Zion - yep, Zion, Springdale, Utah is that place for us. When we think of getting away from it all, taking a break, we are fortunate to have only 4 hours separating us from our home away from home. We have our our room away from home, we're familiar with the lay of the land, and we love the people; we don't have to be anyone besides Scott and Ronda. No matter how many times we have visited, we hate to leave for home, and we leave with rides to go on, hikes to take, places to explore, and rests to have for the next time. We leave already planning what we'll do upon returning.

Scott and I will most likely never leave Utah County. I'm coming to grips with this sad dose of reality. We will probably never have a second home in Jonesborough, Tennessee, although we'll continue to travel to the East. But we do have a place that is convenient, hospitable, and speaks our language just a few miles down the road.

So when we came home from Hawaii, we looked at each other and said, "Only 6 more weeks until Zion. We can make it until then."

Where do you go for respite, to have your cup filled?

I just finished a lovely book, The Orchardist, that Jenna suggested I read. I recommend it.

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