Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miracles and Wonders -

A Paul Simon tune says, "These are the days of miracles and wonders . . . " Today marks the 12th and 6th anniversaries for 2 people whom I love dearly.

12 years ago my sister-in-law received a life-saving donor liver. This has given her a second chance at life, an opportunity to rear her children, and a chance to be a grandma! She has health struggles still, but she is one strong woman, made only stronger by her deep faith in God, her strong sense of hope, and her boundless faith. She is a miracle. 

6 years ago today I was at work when I received a call from Cliff's work, asking if I knew where Jenna was. She was at work. I met her at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where we were greeted with the news that Cliff had been in a terrible accident at work and was being life-flighted to the University of Utah. On our long drive to the hospital, Tyler, Annette, and I held Jenna in our arms, and wondered and prayed - the unknown is horrible, and the 45 minute drive almost unbearable.
We arrived at the hospital; he wasn't in the ER. I remember bile coming to my throat, wondering, worrying about these young ones, about the changes that were about to take place in their lives, our lives.
Jenna, strong, tough, young Jenna, a new UVU graduate, ready to begin her new phase of life as a non-student, walked into the room where Cliff was, alone, and faced the most grueling news a young woman, young wife, could hear - electrocution, burns - internal and external, stopped heart, severe injuries to his head and body, drug-induced coma.
Two months of pain, surgeries, illnesses, rehab, and Jenna and Cliff did it. They made it - through their faith in God, their strength as a couple, their love of life. With the help of amazing hospital staff, the prayers and fasts of family and friends, the strength and support of both Jenna's and Cliff's work associates and their dear family - they came out of the hospital road weary and ready to heal. I say "they," because Jenna and Cliff have always been a team, and it certainly took this team to push through days, weeks, months, years to heal.
I am so proud of these two - I love them dearly. Cliff's life, his health, his beauty are today's miracle.

And on the days when I struggle, I look at my pain, my aches, my loss, my sorrow, and I remember something Jenna said, to a woman whose daughter had just been terribly burned in a tragic plane accident, "Tell me what you want me to pray for, because I KNOW God hears and answers my prayers."

Yes, He did; He does -

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