Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Relief -

There's something about red rock mountains, sand under my toes, and running water, that does my soul good. Zion, and its surrounding communities feed me and fill me. Spending time there is healing and restful. It is so nice to unplug and focus on the here and now. Practicing mindfulness - living in the moment, is so easy when surrounded by beauty.

We visit often, considering Zion, Springdale, our home-away-from-home. We even have our favorite place to stay - Canyon Ranch - where we can cook in our little kitchen, sit on the grass and bird and people watch, visit with Mark and Karen, the managers, or just chill. We usually take our bikes with us, and we don't get in the car the entire time we're there - walking or biking are our favorite modes of transportation.

We try to do something new every time we visit, and even in this small area, we are able to do this, going home with a list for the next time. This time we were able to tour the "backside" of Zion - the northwest area, outside of the typical Zion bus tour. Absolutely stunning - left me wanting -

Everyone needs a place of respite, a Zion, whether it's a bedroom with a lock on the door, a favorite coffee shop, a backyard, or a place in the mountains, by water, or in the desert.

I am blessed that my Zion is so nearby. I am a better person when I've had some time to breathe - particularly breathing in clear mountain air. Life comes back together, my balloon is deflated (that's good), and I can continue on with my life, being me, being whole.

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