Monday, January 4, 2016

Hygge -

I don't take making or keeping resolutions lightly. I'm a fan of progression, being better, being more, striving harder, setting a goal, getting on the path, and making the journey happen. Last year's resolution was living well, fighting like hell, and being more self-aware without being selfish. 

This year's resolution comes from Lao Tzu - “Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Quite the change from 2015, but I'm really ready to just be steady - stay in the moment, be happy with what I have and where I am. And believe me, this is going to take a lot of conscious work! 

While I've been studying Buddhism, Zen, Mindfulness these past few years, I realize how void my life is of emptiness - serene clear space for goodness to flow into my life. Now - goodness is abundant, but I typically acknowledge and move on. I want to absorb, be, assimilate that goodness, and wallow in its every day beauty, and not be overly anxious when routine is just that, routine. 

I'm a fan of Tiny Houses, and my fantasy is to retire to one, some day, where everything is within reach, no clutter, no extras, no need for more. And while I'm certainly not there, I study and dream and remove. I've been reading about Hygge lately. An amazing philosophy brought to me by the Danes, those people I so admire for their clarity of thought, language, and approach. For me, Hygge, represents domestic bliss and respect. And I'm not talking just about one's home - but about one's demeanor, one's environment, where satisfaction, respect, pleasure happen in the every day. I want to enjoy good simpleness in life with good simple people. And where better to start, than right here, right now, this year. 

I believe that when I focus on the routines, patterns of the daily, I can find joy in making them "tradition," and then no longer are they just routine, drudgery, or "something I do." I also believe that when life becomes complicated, I become similar, and patterns and ways are too messy to sort out or through, and relationships and self falter. 

So, come along with me this year, as I write about joy in the being while I'm on that journey. Help me be - Hygge, I'm on it! 

Yesterday I had great joy in napping in the sun, drinking tea while my honey drinks hot chocolate, and enjoying a Netflix series, "Dicte," and the house in this show. 

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