Friday, May 20, 2016

Seasons Greetings - Antiques -

While perusing the jewelry cabinet in an antique store in Alabama, I found this pin, attached to a card (just as that added display element):

I liked the pin, and I knew I wanted to buy it for $4. Then I opened the card. It read:

Sweet. But on the other side of the card, in green ink I read:

Mary, Just wanted to thank you for all the cards and well wishes you've sent thru out this year. I think of you often and hope you are doing well. I'm getting alone ok and have 2 more chemo treatments in Jan. Then will be done. 
This was one of my mother's old Christmas cards she never used. No telling how old it is. Love you bunches, Ellen. 

And I knew the card was meant for me, this message on this card, in this antique store, with this pin attached, was Ellen's note to me.

I want to meet Ellen. I'd like to know how those last two chemo treatments went, how she's doing, and I'd like to tell her how awesome it is she felt well enough to send out Christmas cards, especially how awesome it is she's using old cards, perhaps vintage them, even more so now.

Pretty cool find. Pretty great lady (and James).

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