Friday, June 2, 2017

Breast Cancer Applause Moments -

Twice this week, twice, I had "Thank you, breast cancer" moments.

The first - explaining to a patient, and our medical team, what lymphedema is, and the need for a lymphedema sleeve for traveling, particularly airline and higher altitudes. Although - I forgot to take mine with me both times traveling this spring.

The second - a patient asked me if I would spend some time with her discussing hair loss and head covering options, as she is beginning another series of chemo treatments, and this time she will lose her hair.

Both times I could answer the questions with solid experience and a clear "Yes."

I'm reminded, again, of the man conducting a worship service, asking the congregation if there was a pianist in the chapel, and a woman raising her hand to volunteer, grateful she had continued with her piano lessons through her young years.

And while I'm not a magnificent pianist, a know-it-all cancer specialist, I have experiences that give me the ability to share.

So this week - clap clap clap, thank you for the experience that allows me to help others.

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