Saturday, June 23, 2018

Should I Stay or Should I Go -

This week I need to decide whether or not to teach classes at UVU this upcoming fall semester. I've taught for 17 years, adjunct, no benefits - except for spending time with amazing young people, sharing what little wisdom I have, and learning so much for them. 

I'm a good teacher; my student reviews (not just these on RMP) have shown this. Yet this past school year was very difficult and very rewarding. I've had amazing students - some of the best, and funnest, who have ever past through my classroom. They have kept me at the top of my game, and I gave my very very best to these past 6 classes. Yet I've had a few students who have harassed and pushed and stalked and whined, and they have made me tired and anxious, and yes, a little fearful. 

So I'm tired, ready to move on, but not quite sure if that time is now or later! I'm wondering if I should go out in a blaze of glory or a slow simmer down to nothing. I love UVU; I've been there for nearly 26 years - as a student and as a professor. And I have enjoyed my time there. 

Hmmmm - Decisions - 

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