Thursday, July 12, 2018

Peace - Weight of the World -

I am amazed at the beauty of the past two weeks when it comes to me having some peace. I think I don't always realize the load I'm carrying until I put it down, and I'm able to stand just a little taller.

Not having to juggle my schedule at work has been the biggest burden lifted. Working 5 days a week is nothing compared to attempting to figure out how to cram 5 days of work into 2.5, and then figuring out what days of the week those 2.5 should be.

Another load released is that of my out-of-pocket payment of health insurance. With my work benefits, that is no longer weighing me down. I've wanted to be self-sufficient since my divorce nearly 15 years ago, and I am. Whew.

Plus, I have free evenings! I'm not attempting to fit a client in, grade papers/create lesson plans, and slowing waaaaay down on our Airbnb rental. Having our entire house to us is just like a breath of fresh-air. It's been booked almost solid since February, and as nice as that income and meeting awesome people has been, it can be very wearing - on our house and on us. I can walk into my kitchen naked without worrying about someone coming in the back door!

Lastly, our yard is beautiful, finished, and it is a relaxing and peaceful spot - from 7am to 10pm, I am in love with my sanctuary.

The only load I want to be carrying these days on my back is that of my backpack -

James Christensen art 

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