Wednesday, June 12, 2013


One morning last week, when my alarm went off at 5:30am, I wondered what it would be like to not wake up so early (after all - I have no one to wake up except myself), and wake without an alarm. The past few days I have gotten that wish (be careful what you wish for), and I have decided that I am an early riser, on purpose.

I like being healthy.

I like moving my body. I have been physically active most of my adult life - teaching water aerobics, walking with friends, stretching and strengthening with yoga, dancing - and discovering Nia, lifting weights, and doing weight-bearing exercises.

I eat a healthy diet, and I take the adage that my body is a temple pretty seriously. I believe in Karma, even in a physical, temporal way. What goes around/in, comes around/out.

Three years ago, after putting on some weight, I was introduced to Cody, a personal trainer. (Jenna and I had a trainer years ago, and I wasn't terribly impressed with him, or the mega-fashion-show gym. I am not a big-box exerciser.) Cody and I have been "together" now for three years. I appreciate the individualized workout plan and attention I get. 

With Cody's help, I exercised throughout my cancer treatments, even if it meant doing yoga and stretching. She has become more than a "You can do one more rep," trainer - she is my nutritionist, my confidante, my cheerleader, my friend.

A couple of weeks ago she told me to she needed six months to get me back to the weight and strength I was at before cancer. I trust her; I have no reason to do otherwise. In fact, I am/was lifting the same weights already, and this week I was going to begin training for a 5k.

I will be patient, but yoga on Saturday, 7:30am. I think I'll set my alarm.


  1. You are AMAZING Ronda! Seriously, we ADORE you!

  2. Hey, say hi to Brad Wilcox for me next time you see him! And good work, my friend :)