Monday, December 16, 2013

Doctor's Visit

This morning I saw my radiation oncologist. I am 8 months post-treatment, and this was my second visit with his staff.

Good news - no news! Nothing could have made me happier. And I did get applause for the 20 pounds I've lost and the "How did you do it," compliments. Living a healthy lifestyle and eating correctly are so important to me, always have been, so moving toward reclaiming me is just good stuff.

My boob is still sore, particularly the region where the surgeries and radiation took place. I have glands and ducts and tissue that take awhile to heal, so I'll continue to be patient, and monitor.

Again and again I will beg you to do your monthly exams and know your boobs, or the boobs of your loved one.

So, 3 months until my next visit! Away I go - loving my breasts and my life!



  1. I agree. Sometimes, not receiving any news can be quite a relief. It’s because it lessens your worries and keeps you from overthinking. That being said, just be mindful of following your doctor’s advice. Eat healthy, exercise, and take proper medications. All the best!

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates

  2. Thanks, Aubrey. You are so right. I hope all is well in Eagle River!