Monday, June 30, 2014

This -

Over and over again this month I've reflected on how blessed I am to have made it through another tough year - the year of healing. I woke up Saturday morning and realized my arm didn't ache, my boob didn't ache. In fact, the parts of me that did ache were because I had hiked the "Y"  on Friday - a healthy ache!

As I recently listened to Joshua Prager's experiences from several years ago, and his subsequent rebirth, I couldn't help but think how similar our feelings are.

When I feel down, feel hurt, feel the victim, I am relinquishing my ability to heal and to grow from my experiences - and I'm not talking "only" cancer. I refuse to be a victim, I refuse to wallow, I refuse to linger on the "what if's" the "what could have been." I am stronger, better, more because of my life's experiences -

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