Friday, October 17, 2014

Travel -

While I was dealing with cancer healing, Scott and I decided as soon as I was healthy we would travel. And we have - not necessarily far away and exotic places, but hey - any travel is better than no travel! 

We've been to Northern California, Southern Oregon, Southeastern Idaho, Southern Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii . . . 

This week we've been road-tripping from our place through Ashton, ID, through Yellowstone Park, up to Gardiner, MT, to Bozeman, Three Forks, and over to Billings, MT, to visit my sister, Vicki, and her family. Scott served his LDS Mission here 46 years ago, and has not been back in this area. 

It's a beautiful part of the world. In fact, wherever we've been, we've found beauty. We don't travel freeways, we don't dine at chains, we don't sleep in big box motels. We love small towns, local people, getting lost and getting found. 

My sister, Vicki, she rocks. She's a nurse, and she's the nursing director over women's and children's services at St. Vincent Healthcare here in Billings. She and her husband, Scott, have 1 son, 3 daughters, and they are just the most loving, energetic, gentle people. 

So I love my sister; I haven't seen her in 18 months, and this is going to be a beautiful few days to spend with them all. 

I saw this sign in West Yellowstone. I love the idea, the concept; wondering how I can incorporate this into my tiny piece of woods: 

To Our Place
In the Woods
Take Nothing
But Pictures
Leave Nothing
But Footprints
Kill Nothing
But Time

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