Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Healing - Dream

My grandmother Jensen is my guardian angel. All of my life she has been the person who has always been there for me - and even since her death (she would have been 101 last Dec. 26), she has show herself to me - through memories and promptings. I have heard her voice, I have felt her hands, I have been comforted by her love. Several months ago I had a "vision" one day while meditating.

In this vision my grandma held me in her arms. This was a shriveled, crumpled, dehydrated, wrinkled, version of me. I was lame, weak, lifeless. She held me like a mother holds a newborn - gently, lovingly. Grandma and I were at the space between life and death, she was on the death side, and I must have crossed over, because she scooped me up and headed back toward life.

Grandma seamlessly crossed through this veil, walked into a room divided - with men sitting on one side, women sitting on the other, all dressed in white - sitting, reverently waiting.

There was an empty seat for me in the front row, with women on both sides and women behind. She gently moved my body from her arms to the chair, positioning me in the chair so I was sitting, barely. I could see me slumped in the chair, still weak, sitting very low, without any strength to re-position myself.

Grandma said, while moving both arms opened and acknowledging the women in the room, "These women will help you heal." Then she left. I woke feeling a sense of sisterhood that I haven't felt in years - 12 years.

Last night I read, "The greatest thing in the world is love. And if we keep that always in our hearts, and give it as a message to those about us, we will be blessed and will be instruments in blessing those with whom we associate." (Clarissa S. Williams, 6th Relief Society General President)

Today I spent time with my sisters, and we  nurtured, loved, and blessed each other. Today I spent time with two friends, and we nurtured, loved, and blessed each other. I was reminded of my grandmother's message to me - and I know that when I care for, I am cared for.

Grandpa and Grandma Jensen, Me and Tyler, Mom and Dad, 1981

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