Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday, Monday, Swearing -

Talk about a weekend hangover this morning! Oh Mondays can be hard - eating a little differently than we typically do during the weekend, sleeping in, staying up later, then buzzzzzzz, the alarm goes off at 6am, we fly to the gym. Ouch, Scott and I moan and groan through that hour-long workout, always being so exhausted and happy when it's finished, and being very pleased with ourselves that we made it up, out, and moving. The hangover is worked through, and a heavy workout all accomplished before 7:30am on Monday morning!

Oh yeah, bring it on!

As for the week -

Yesterday at the Sunday service, we were having a great conversation about conversation. For some reason swearing came up. One of the men said in 28 years, he'd never heard his wife swear. Well, those of you who know me know that I'm known to drop a few "farmer" swear words upon occasion, and an occasional "F" bomb - damn it.

So my goal for this week - no swearing. Anyone want to take this challenge with me?

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  1. Swearing is an interesting phenomenon, isn't it? I mean, it can mean SO many different things depending on context and inflection.

    A few years ago I told my wife she should really watch the Irish indy film "Once" with me. (If you haven't seen it, you very much should!) She noted the "R" rating and asked me why it was rated that way. Only some casual swearing, I told her. Casual? She didn't understand. I advised she just watch and see what I meant. So yes, the "f-word" must have been used at least 50 times in that film. But one should notice how the Irish used it - to give emphasis to their statements (ie. "That's f-ing brilliant!" or "F's sake, I love that man."). I believe only once I heard it used "towards" someone in a negative way.

    Is the word harsh to the ear? No doubt to one unused to hearing swearing at all. However, I'm of the mind that if we only see words as signifiers we will finally be able to understand what a person is trying to communicate.

    That's not to say I believe we should run around offending others unnecessarily. However, I believe words are words and have only the meanings we give to them (Look to popular racial epithets for a good - and sometimes silly - example of that).