Friday, June 19, 2015

Big Fish -

Braggart Edward Bloom is dying, and his son, Will, wants to know "the truth," of his father's life. Edward has a tendency to exaggerate, elaborate, and embellish the stories he tells his son, to the point that Will doesn't want another story, he wants the facts.

Perhaps you've seen "Big Fish." One of my favorite movies, even though I don't care for fantasy, and I prefer facts. But sometimes it takes embellishment, a touch of fantasy, to bring the reality to life. Hey?

So whose story is truth and whose is fiction, and who is to determine this? The owner of the story. We can ask for more information, for elaboration, and then - why not enjoy the journey.
If you haven't seen Big Fish, or a close second, "Stardust," do so. You'll be taken on quite the ride, and you'll be changed.

I'm off for a few days - gonna go on my own adventure - to where? I'll let you know when I return.

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