Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pioneers - Mom - Sisters - Authenticity -

Had lunch with my half of my Walker sisters and all of my Walker mom at Sundance this week. 
A beautiful place with gorgeous women. 
Thinking of Pioneer Day, July 24, and the gratitude I have for the women in my life. 
I come from pioneer heritage - women and men who crossed the United States in search of a place where they could live their truth, landing in Utah and Idaho. 
No wonder I am continuously in search of my own authenticity. 
Being true to self is extraordinarily important to me. 
The women below understand the concepts of respect, caring, understanding, support, and space. 
I love them all - and miss, like crazy, my sisters who are not in this photo. 
Happy day - 

Maria, mom of 6, grandma, special needs educator and advocate.
Alice, mom of 7, grandma, great-grandma. Expert in fishes and loaves, accounting, caregiving . . .
Vicki, mom of 4, mother-baby nurse and charge nurse.
Sheri, mother of 3, art educator, artist. 

When pioneers moved to the West,. With courage strong they met the test. 
They pushed their handcarts all day long,. And as they pushed they sang this song. 
For some must push and some must pull, as we go walking up the hill,
 and merrily on our way we go, until we reach the valley - o. 

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