Saturday, July 25, 2015

Owls - Western Screech Owl -

An owl has taken up residency in a tree in our backyard. A juvenile Western Screech Owl, to be exact. It spends about 4 out of 7 days in our tree, flying away at night (nocturnal, hunters). This morning Scott and I woke to a bundle of birds screeching in our backyard. I walked out, and a Bluejay was in the same tree just a screaming at the owl. The Bluejay headed to our shed, perched there and squawked. The Jay left, the Owl remained.

Native American lore states that owls are the harbingers of bad news, typically death, and owls are to be avoided. Owl feathers are not to be used in cleansing ceremonies, because they cannot rid the human body of bad energy. Hearing owls hoot is considered bad luck. They are said to give supernatural warnings, particularly as messengers of death. 

In European mythology owls symbolize wisdom, deeper knowledge. An owl is seen as a keeper of souls, often the transporter of souls from earth life to spirit life. Because of its nocturnal nature, it brings secrets, sacred information, and pure energy to its realm. 

Last fall I saw an amazing Great Horned Owl outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, right at dusk. It flew directly at the passenger window, me, looked right at me, pierced my soul, and flew away. 

I felt this owl was giving me a message, a gift - the gift was to celebrate the dark times, gain wisdom from my "evening" travels, and listen. 

This young owl in our backyard (we're naming it Archimedes) has energy similar to the Autumnal owl. It's yellow eyes are penetrating, but not invasive. It brings peace - saying explore the dark times (just as it does), don't be afraid to hunt for what you want, and be at peace in the chaos (our yard is not always quiet, yet it rests). 

I like that. I like this owl. It beats all other animals that have resided in my yard (all uninvited, but welcomed). 

Here's to all that is dark - yet good, looking up, and sifting through the obvious (trees and branches and leaves) to find the gems. 

G'Night -

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