Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adventure -

I am a sucker for an adventure - I love to travel, explore, learn, experience, discover! I know my boundaries physical exploration, risking my body, is my least favorite - but then I made it through cancer treatments, and that was quite the adventure!

I like to try new foods, visit new places, take the unpaved trail, the dirt road, the small town. How about a new hairstyle, rearranging the furniture, eating peaches with basil, grapefruit with chocolate. It's one of my most favorite things - adventure - 

Every new semester brings with it an adventure and a challenge - take 23 students, mostly strangers, get them to talk with each other and me by the 3rd class, create a community that is engaged and learning. Quite the experience! 

I've been seeking new adventure - what am I thinking - and it is just around the corner, with processes just about finished. I'm excited. 

In the meantime - this showed up via email this morning: 

“Then, one day, when you least expect it, 

the great adventure finds you.”  

Another of my favorite adventure quotes is this: 

"Go out for adventure, come home for love." 

This has been a motto of mine for years - decades. I'm not seeking outside love and recognition, just adventure. I have all the love and support I need in my home, my heart. 

May you all find a little adventure this week - it's worth the energy! 

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