Thursday, August 13, 2015

Post-cancer Treatments - Healing -

Scott and I work out every morning. It's either a trip to the gym/Cody, or a 45 minute walk. We get our exercise in, and we're allowed the time to visit, uninterrupted, before our day gets hectic.

This morning we were talking about the need for post-cancer treatment. After I finished my treatments, my doctors said, "Go home, sleep, get healthy."

Pretty vague, but that's all I really wanted at that time.

What I wish now they would have said, is this - "We're now going to turn you over to our post-cancer treatment center. Here you will have medications, vitamins, supplements, support, diet, exercise, that will help you as you put your body back together."

See, I was brought in, given a chemo tutorial, a radiation tutorial, and away I went, with my "care team" killing the good and bad in my body. But where was the care team that put me back to health? There are cancer support groups, online chat groups, "alternative" medicines, coaches, but where is the medical world when it's time to heal? Where's the package? Shouldn't there be physical therapy for post-cancer, just as there is for post-surgery?

I've had to find that on my own. And the hit and miss of this aspect of healing has been very frustrating. Turning my healthcare back to my primary care physician has not been the answer. Hormones, thyroid meds, anxiety meds have not healed me. I've had to be very assertive, at some times aggressive in finding my way to healing. And I don't think that's right! Kill me, but don't heal me! Phfff.

These days I'm exercising, lifting weights, eating clean, taking supplements, drinking lots of water and green tea, and spending some time each day reflecting and dreaming.

It's been almost 3 years since I found my lump, and I'm still finding my way to health. Bizarre.

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