Monday, October 5, 2015

Ayurveda and Healing -

In Homer, Alaska, at Peterson Bay, Scott and I love to wander the shoreline when the tide is extra low. All sorts of sea-life can be found. But - beware of rough rocks and sharp barnacles that can poke, puncture, tear, and infect. Enjoy the multi-colored and multi-armed sea stars, the spitting mud hiding oysters and crabs, but make sure to wear heavy gloves for picking up and examining all aquatic creatures; they are spiney, stingy, and gooey; the salt water leaves everything with a coarse coat of salt, leaving creatures coated in a film of white. Wear water-proof boots on low-tide times, the barnacles are sharp, and if you step in mud, you may lose a shoe, or your balance, it's so sticky and thick and gripping.

When the tide comes in, it's almost as if the sea life grabs at the water, pulling it toward them, begging to be covered, to be protected, to be soothed, rather than left bare and exposed. The natural state of being is being smoothed by the water, not exposed to the sun and elements.

I've been on this "heal my body and soul" journey since April 18, 2013, when I finished my radiation therapy. Cancer treatments left me raw, rough, exposed, bare. My dear friend, David, a nurse, retired FBI agent, and all around man-about-town, told me, during my chemo journey - "Ronda, you fight cancer with chemical warfare, not green drinks. When you're finished, then you can heal with green drinks." And I've been attempting to heal, as much as possible, with supplements, nutrition, exercise, and cleaning my soul. I've been getting closer and closer to feeling evened-out - exercise and nutrition with Cody, supplements with Brian at Sprouts, therapy with Heidi.

I have felt like I was reaching the turning-tide of my healthcare, yet I knew I still needed some tweaking. It's amazing how long-lasting the effects of cancer treatment are. I prayed, and I knew I needed a metabolic shake-up, but I didn't know where to turn, except - So here I was, looking for just that last little shift. In June I was chatting with Heidi, my therapist, and she suggested I give Ayurveda a try. Interestingly, I had spoken with Brian a day or two before, and he had suggested I proceed similarly.

After some research I knew I couldn't do Ayurvedic medicine without a practitioner, so after much research and on high recommendation, I reached out to Jessica Vellela. And she has rocked my world. I'm not opposed to non-traditional modes of healing, and when I met Jessica I knew she was the answer to my prayers. I began this portion of my journey the first part of July. Jessica tested my Dosha's: Praktri (Natural Constitution), Vikrti (Imbalanced State), Ama (Levels of internally-generated toxins), and more.

And it as more than evident my biggest issues have had to do with my digestion - my digestive system has not been the same since cancer, and I really wanted to feel at peace in my gut. As well, my moods have been swinging, radically, including needing anti-anxiety medication, and I have been so tired, since my initial chemo treatment three years ago. Bio-identical hormones have been added to my ritual, hoping that some of what was taken away can be replaced - not!

So I was anxious to give Jessica's rituals, recommendations, and remedies a try. She adjusted my daily routine to accommodate the practice of mindfulness, the practice of being, implementing Ayurvedic remedies, and tweaking my diet - which included drinking warm water, eating lightly cooked vegetables. We've met twice a month for the past three months. She has been more than generous with her time, chatting and texting as needed.

Now I'm not trying to sell anyone anything, yet here's what's happened to me.

I am healing! My gut - particularly my bowels, are now operating properly! My head is clear. My moods have evened out. And my anxiety is 99% gone. I am off all but one of my prescription medicines, and I finally feel whole! After three months of work with Jessica, I, and those close to me, have noticed this shift from rough and coarse and cracked, to me.

I've been those barren sharp cutting irritated barnacles for three years. And with Ayurveda I'm feeling covered, protected, in my natural state. It's as if a slow flow of warm salt-water has washed over me, evening me out, healing my sores, and smoothing off my rough spots, soothing. I no longer feel exposed and irritated. Amazing. Oh my goodness I feel good, well, whole.

Between Idaho, Ayurveda, UVU and chaplaining, the owl in my tree, and a Lotus blossom, I am balancing out my balancing act.

(Looking for examples of what I'm talking about, was awesome! I need to get back to Alaska, a gorgeous place I never thought I'd visit, and a place I'll return to again and again.)

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