Monday, December 19, 2016

Stopping Hate - Begins with Me -

I spent 2 1/2 hours today with 2 members of my Palliative Care team and 2 family members who were fighting over the care of their mother. In front of her. As she lays dying, she is watching her children fight over who loves her most, who she loves the most, and pushingly persuading her to do "their will," in the name of love.

We made the family leave the patient's room, and we moved to another room to attempt to reach some sort of resolution. And their yelling was so loud a nurse at the nurses' station came in and asked that they keep their voices down!

As I was watching this happen, I kept thinking - I'm so grateful I don't have to resolve this, and - so this is how hatred and animosity and violence begins. I'm right - she's wrong, end of story. And with what is happening around this world - ohhhhhh, I ache.

I am reminded of the below video and TED talk.

The Only Way to Stop Hate is to Show People There is Something to Love - What's wrong when we won't recognize this?

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