Sunday, January 29, 2017

3 Good Things -

I'm not a Pollyanna or a Doubting Thomas, but gosh darn, there have been days when fear seems to be the word of the day. And after a few times online, in social media, it seems that this may be the word of the month. Thank heaven's January, the longest month of the year, is almost over. Yet, there has been happiness this month.

In fact, last night, before sitting down to write, I decided to wash the windows, just to get a little frustration out, and now they are sparkling clean, at least inside. And as I was washing the last window, there was a knock at my door. I opened, recognized the person as our plumber. He said, "I have extra farm-fresh eggs tonight, would you like some? I told him I had no cash. He replied, "I'm giving them away tonight to people I think will enjoy them. Would you and your mother like some? Do you have a container I can put some in?" I did, and he does, and he walked away with a thank you from me. That's it. Yet his generosity speaks tons, not just of him, but of good people every where, who reach out, instead of in, when they have something to say, something to share. Thank you Mr. Plumber, whose name I don't know.

So three good things that have happened this month, to kiss January on its way.

School started, and while I began January wondering if I would even be teaching, I prayed, and sent good thoughts, to UVU, and I waited, sometimes patiently, other times with a little angst. And keeping my mouth shut and negativity away, I have three classes - at the exact times I want, with return students in each, and with classes that aren't full, which is a blessing, because I was pretty burnt out at the end of last semester.

I love my jobs. Hospital, UVU, my career/s is where I want to be. I have amazing colleagues, and I've learned how to deal with those who aren't so amazing. I spent December remembering names and reaching out, and I am grateful I did this. Recognizing folks, by names, removes my own anonymity and creates buy-in for me. And I am grateful to a team of professionals who are darn good people. Who care, who are funny, who love.

Snow!!! With the uproar this month, and so much unknown and speculation, as Jenna reminded me, it's good to have something that is known. We have snow upon snow upon snow. And I'm not a lover of cold and snow; I stay indoors, but it is beautiful. And as anyone who complains about the snow adds to their complaint, "But we need it." So even whines end with blessings. It is beautiful, and we do need it, and it will melt, eventually.

And I end another January, and for me, another year, thanking 57, with 58 pending on the morrow. Life is good. I am good. G'bye January - grateful you could end with a nod to gratitude.

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