Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year's Resolutions - NourishMe -

Twelve days into the year, and I'm so busy practicing my New Years' Resolutions I haven't had time to write about them.

But in a nutshell, based on a year of on and off angst and on and off pleasure, I have chosen to call this year my "NourishMe" year, and I have based my resolutions on that.

Last year was my Hygge and Glean year, and I was able to simplify my home and my relationships, but not myself as much. I was able to take what I needed and leave the rest when it came to gleaning information, materials, and knowledge, trying to not throw my weight around, but seeing where I was needed and give my best, rather than being perfect in what I did. Bruised apples still have value, even though they're not perfect, and that has been the image I've carried with me. I have value, even when I am not perfect.

This year, I really need to take care of myself. I stress too much about work - money, insurance, retirement, and honestly - I think I have so much to offer the world, but sometimes I think the world doesn't care who I am or what I do. And I'm not all that, but I do have offerings. So I'm going to focus on those offerings - but offer my gifts back to me and my family.

My NourishMe goals include:

Find Joy - At work and at home, and laugh.
Social Life - Reach out to friends more - hibernation is my easy chair, but I do need to socialize.
Relationships - Gotta work on a child, or two.
Home Environment - I love my home, it is my sanctuary. My heart is full here.
Home Cooking - Arrange my schedule so "at home" meals are more regular.
Physical Activity - 10,000 steps a day.
Health - Sleep, eat healthy lunches, exercise, Ommmm.
Education - Take advantage of educational opportunities, formal and informal.
Career - Accept where I am. Enjoy. Don't be so dependent on those above me, stand a little taller.
Finances - Have faith that all will work out, then be a little more frugal.
Creativity - Take more time to sew, stitch, write.
Spirituality - Pray, read.
And back to Joy - and I will be nourished -

Great article by Parker Palmer: My Five New Year's Revolutions. Palmer gave me the best mantra, the strongest truth, "God is Love, Love is God." This has calmed me in my roughest moments.

And Yours?

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