Monday, February 1, 2016

Gleaning - and Caitlin Connolly -

As I wrote earlier this year, this is the year of Hygge - living simply, in the moment, with no concerns and no desire to complicate. As I've adjusted my "Om" word for this year, hygge just doesn't roll of my tongue like "Home," or "God is love, Love is God," or "Nourish." It doesn't breathe in and out with me. It doesn't calm me.

So I'm adjusting my sails. I love the art of Caitlin Connolly, and I set off to buy one of her pieces as my Christmas present to myself. I wasn't planning on this piece, but upon seeing it live, I changed my mind. For some reason. And I purchased "Finding Fruit."

I took the piece home, placed her in my writing room, and she fit right in. She fit with my glass grapes, my brown and blue and green and gold chairs. And more than that, she fit perfectly with a more than 100 year old hand-hewn oak framed mirror, with a cluster of fruits - apples and grapes, in a bowl. And the cluster is red. Framed, she's perfect, just perfect.

"Finding Fruit" became "Glean." And I've found my "Om" for this year. The "G" is a little hard, but the "lean" rolls, and it's gonna work.

Not just the word, as my "Om," but Glean is my perfect companion to Hygge. And this picture, yes, this epitomizes my intentions for the year. To take joy in what I have, to enjoy the earth, to know the best is within my reach. To take time to glean, not pick, but look deeply and detailingly for what is. To be more intent on my intentions. To be more content with my circumstances.

See the turquoise frame in the corner of the mirror? That's a beautifully stitched, my favorite shade of green, Serenity Prayer, each stitch lovingly and intentionally sewn by yt, Scott Weaver. 

What more could I ask for? 

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