Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy #12 -

In our short twelve years together Scott and I have packed in a lifetime of marriage.

We have:
Been to Alaska 4 times
Been to Hawaii once
Traveled to the east coast twice
Traveled to Zion National Park 50+ times
Traveled to Southern Utah 10+ times
Traveled to Idaho 15 times
Attended 11 Storytelling Festivals

Had 12 surgeries
Had 3 cracked or fractured or broken bones

Owned 2 homes

Retired and changed jobs

Chaplained together

Weathered Cancer together

Cared for parents

Cooked and shared billions of meals

Gained and lost weight together

Lost parents and dear friends

Sleepovers at our home with nearly 50 people

Shared our home with more than 100 students and friends

Renovated and updated two homes

Read and shared nearly 2 books a month - (200 books)

Watched thousands of movies

Played with children and grandchildren

Took selfies and took ourselves less seriously

Cuddled, snuggled, held hands, kissed, whispered sweet nothings, laughed, cried

Listened, created

Yelled, walked away, talked through, learned about ourselves and each other

Learned each other's love languages, learned our triggers, said "I'm sorry," said, "can we start today over," and moved forward

Developed a life together that exemplifies our interests, our similarities, our differences

Grow old with me -

Winter 2004

Getting our marriage license 2004

Atlanta, GA June 2005

Halloween 2006
Christmas 2007
Zion 2008

Zion 2009
Alaska 2011
Pre-surgery 2012

Spring 2013

Summer 2014

Stuck in a storm in Zion, Fall 2015

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