Sunday, February 7, 2016

Survivor, and Why I Don't Like This Word -

If you had 3 minutes to introduce yourself, how would you do it? Would you identify yourself by your experiences - good and bad, your wounds - healed and unhealed. Would you introduce yourself by your titles - parent, wife, spouse, professor, chaplain? Would you explain yourself by the emotions you've carried with you through the years?

Only a small part of the cancer journey is about losing and finding my faith, losing and finding my identity, understanding what the most important things in my life are not things.

I don't like taking on "cancer survivor," as my identity, but yes, there is strength and validity in that title. But - I can talk about cancer, and I can support others who do the same - because I've been there. But - I am NOT a survivor. Cancer is not even a word I'd use in my elevator pitch. I will always claim my experiences, but I will not let them claim me, not divorce, job loss, religious persuasion, breakup, loss of friends, education, cancer. There you go -

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