Friday, February 5, 2016

Utah Snow -

Scott and I woke up to about 4 inches of fresh snow! Utah is very dependent on a good winter - meaning lots of snow - to make it through spring, summer, and fall. We beg and pray for snow. And the past few years have not been too prolific with snow. "We need the moisture," is something we say quite often, throughout all four seasons. So when it does snow, complaining about it is difficult, although we do.

This year we've had more snow than we have had in quite a few years. It's a blessing, as long as the snow stops by the end of the month, 'cause I'll be ready for sunshine and green!

Enjoy these pictures taken this morning -

Front yard

Back yard looking at Timp, northeast

Back yard from my deck, northeast

Scott with snowblower, looking southeast

From my front porch looking south

Snow flakes on the front porch

Looking south

Looking east

Back yard from my deck

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