Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 1 -

I"m not going to write about this challenge every day - but I did begin the Happiness challenge.

Gratitude - patients who trust me; a husband who drives me to and from work and school so I don't have to fight for parking; nice fingernails with polish that lasts for more than a week.

Journal - Today I had 3 clients I counseled. The first appointment was a husband and wife. He has cancer. They have marital issues, and did prior to cancer. How do they develop a relationship where she isn't the caregiver and he isn't the patient, but where the dynamics are so changed that they can't "go back"? That is a dilemma that any married couple with chronic illness faces. What is the new now? Starting over is extraordinarily difficult, and yet, it is so vital to moving forward, having a healthy marriage even when one of the partners isn't optimally healthy. The second appointment was very similar to the earlier one. Although this time it was the man, without his wife, who doesn't "get it," and doesn't "care," and all the negative about her and their marriage, wanting sympathy, wanting attention, but not really looking at himself as a contributor.

Exercise - Walked for 40 minutes today, with Scott. Legs are sore from yesterday's workout.

Meditate - Tough to find time today, running from one job to the next, but I did step into the Wellness Center at UVU and spend 30 minutes in a massage chair. That means I spent 3 minutes breathing!

Random Act of Kindness - had a conversation with a student, outside of class. It was awesome. I also ran into 2 former students, carried on short conversations with both, even though I would have preferred to eat my apple in silence.

8:36pm. Over and Out -

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