Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Days 14, 15, 16 - Bronchitis -

I have had one terrible cold since Saturday evening. I showered on Sunday morning, finally did so again last night. I changed the sheets on the bed yesterday afternoon, thinking I had enough energy and that doing something would help me feel better - wrong. 

I have coughed from my toenails up, although this doesn't seem to be lung associated, rather bronchial. I'm drinking cough syrup like it's Diet Pepsi, and I've coughed and sneezed through a box of tissue and a roll of toilet paper since Sunday. 


My Happiness tracking is off. However, even in this yuck I've had plenty to be thankful for: 

Understanding co-workers, full well knowing my being at work is not healthy, in any way. 
Scott - oh he's been good, patient, kind. 
Home - I have no needs, except to get well. It's been nice to concentrate on not concentrating. I've been able to focus on healing, and that has taken all of my energy. 
Life is good - and tomorrow I'll go back to work - glad I'm missing it! 

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  1. It’s certainly no fun to feel sick and I hope you feel better quickly. One thing that may help is to drink lots of fluids, especially warm ones like tea, broth, or soup. The steam will help clear up some of your congestion and the fluids will thin the mucus. Get plenty of rest so your body can heal itself.