Friday, March 25, 2016

Professing My Beliefs - Hallelujah!

Happy Good Friday - the day many Christians celebrate; for good reason. In Mormon belief, Jesus Christ took on the sins of the world (mine) when he went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray and contemplate his place and role in this world, and his crucifixion sealed this. While he wrestled with his role as son of God and Redeemer of the world, his disciples slept. It is said that Christ bled from every pore while in the Garden, because the burdens he took on were so heavy.

And finally, he said, "May your will be done," to his father. Resignation? Supplication? Understanding? Regardless, it was at this time that he took on my burdens. And I'm not talking strictly sins, but aches, fears, sorrows, loss, and my physical pains that go deeper than my bones. Through his suffering in the Garden and on the cross, in Mormon belief, he "atoned" (atonement) for my sins. Christ took on the sins of the world, so that we/I wouldn't have to carry this alone into the dark abyss of everlasting sin and sorrow.

And then Christ was hung on a cross and killed, murdered by unbelievers. Was Christ who he professed to be? Could he do what he professed he could do? I don't know what the unbelievers, or those who think differently, were feeling, but today's world is filled with people who believe differently, and that is good, not something to be murdered or tormented for.

Life is good, and life is bad. And I want to share the good and hide the bad, carry it around by myself, not burdening anyone else. But isn't that what family, friends, intimate relationships are for? Sharing? The good and the bad? And if Christ is my friend, then in this temporal world where morals and beliefs are questioned and judged, if I choose to share with him, that is my choice. And today I celebrate that life is fluid, I make mistakes, feel pain, lay that down. I am repentant, remorseful, and relieved as I move forward, not carrying a cat-of-nine-tails flogging myself because of my past. If my beliefs are different than yours, and you can't, don't want, don't see the need to understand mine, I'm so good with that. But let's celebrate the beauty of not having to carry our burdens alone. Hallelujah!

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