Friday, March 18, 2016

Days 17 & 18 - Recovery -

Days 17 & 18

Gratitude - 
Health; Clients who make me want to come to work; Colleagues who make me want to come to work; Did I mention Wall-greens cough syrup? Julie - great visit with her this evening - always a joy; Ava - little squirt had an asthma attack (didn't know she had asthma), hospitalized for breathing treatments, home the next day. 

Journal - 

Had some time to think this week. Seems like my sick time is also my reflection time. Am I where I want to be? What do I need to be learning right now? What do I have going on that is too much? How can I simplify? And that's my bottom-line question, always. Not, how do I complicate things, but how do I simplify my life. I look at what's on my plate, and more often than not, I find things on my plate that really are not necessary - not even wanted. Being down has always helped me know what being up looks like, and I have the ability to change that picture. And that's a great blessing. 

Exercise - 

Coughing and blowing. I figure that's about a week's worth of core exercises! 

Meditate - 

Spent time in the Mindfulness mode. A great place to be when the future looms heavily - as in "Yikes, Easter's next week?! Crap, dinner here, Easter goodies for grand-kids, and a week filled to the brim with commitments. . . . Today I need to visit a patient . . . "

Random Act - 

Betty made soup, I returned a clean container filled with flax seed (I hope she likes using flax!). Visited with a woman who wanted to get on the elevator, but has anxiety. Calmed her down, got on the elevator with her, visited down to the lobby. And - I've seen this woman before and had some pre-conceived notions about her. Without telling her this, and I was happily proven wrong, all under the guise of helping her.  

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