Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 6 and 7 - Mindfulness, Creating, Sharing -

Day 7 -
Gratitude - I love my chaplaining job. I am using the very best of me and my journey every single day. I'm constantly reminded, and I'm very very good with that. So yeah, I'm grateful for my adventures. And I'm grateful that I'm patient, because I need patience. 

Journal - I know I'm supposed to be working at the hospital. I'm grateful for the opportunity that I have to be working 20 hours a week. I'm grateful for those who also know this is my mission. And for the most part 20 hours is good, but I'm tired of working a second job, and occasionally a third job to make ends meet. It would be nice to no longer have that worry. And I have faith that more hours and benefits will come, but as I mentioned above, I need to be patient. Yikes - but for how much longer? 

Exercise - 45 minutes walking. 

Meditate - This is going to sound odd, but today Scott and I had to go to the bank. And as we were waiting for the personal banker to get us info, I kinda zoned out. Scott was on his phone, relaxed, and I waited, totally relaxed. Mindfulness. Living in the moment, happily. In fact, the banker noticed, and wanted to know what our secret was, how long we'd been together, because, "You just look so happy and comfortable there." And I was, and we were. 

Random Act - Today I said "thank you," over and over. It felt good to be living in the gratitude. That and I made Stephanie and Kelleen, colleagues at work, felt succulents, because they killed theirs. Fun. 

Day 6 -

Gratitude - First of all; big feat - I went to all 3 hours of church today, for which Scott was grateful! That counts. Grateful for bread that I made that turned out yummy (I'm not much of a bread maker, so this is always a nice surprise). Grateful for an afternoon of rest. 

Journal - I've been thinking about my folks today. Dad is sick, and Mom is tired. Even though they're my next-door-neighbors, I seldom see them during the week, with work and work and work. I pray for them, Scott peaks in on them, and I know they know they can all when they need us. This afternoon I made dinner, and Scott and I took it over and ate with Mom, while Dad stayed in his easy chair. They're aging, and although the realist in me knows this, I am reminded that Scott and I are likewise aging. But - Dad and Mom have lived good rich lives; they have a cozy home that people gravitate to, they have amazing children, grandchildren, greats - who adore their parents/grands, and who could really ask for more? They are not alone, they are not cold, hungry, destitute, forgotten. What a blessing. 

Exercise - Didn't.

Meditate - did today during our worship service. 

Random Act - I received a call last night asking if I would play the piano for Primary today - 2 hours of it. And I said "yes," which is now getting as rare as my saying "no," used to be. I enjoyed it; it's nice to be occasionally reminded that those 7+ years of piano lessons paid off. 

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