Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 21 - Project Accomplished!

Day 21 -
So today is the last day of the Happiness Project, and I am very pleased with what I did and what I learned. Interestingly, the biggest lesson has been that of putting myself "out there," not being afraid to reach out to strangers, a huge exercise for this introvert.

Gratitude -
Great day at work; great faculty meeting at UVU; good dinner with Scott and friend, Trent.

Journal -
My life, although so very very busy, is filled with wonderful things. I am incredibly blessed. And looking for my blessings, instead of my own faults, has brought me an immense amount of peace. It's almost as if in seeing the good in others I can find the good in myself. And I am my harshest critic. And backing off on me has been very beneficial. I hope to continue this course.

Exercise -
Being sick has curtailed this, but I'm not worried, and I did tighten up on my eating, since I haven't been exercising, that and needing to remove processed foods from my diet.

Meditate -
This has been the hardest for me. Finding time/making time, to be still, is going to be my trial. I will continue to make this a goal. I don't have difficulty practicing mindfulness, but taking it to the deeper step of meditation has been tough.

Random Act -
Gave hugs to a woman who has cancer, is sick, and couldn't have her chemo treatment today. Gave a teddy bear to a little Spanish-speaking girl in the waiting room, who was running her daddy wild. The bear gave the little girl besos, and the little one thought this was a fun game.

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