Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happiness Project 3, 4, 5 -

Day 5: 
Gratitude - Sisters and Jenna and Mom. Great day crafting, again. Thai food - the Walker sisters love spices, and Evergreen Thai is a good place for a good meal and conversation. Scott - he took the family room apart yesterday for my Folklore class movie night (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and put it back together tonight after our 2nd movie night (Gran Torino).

Journal - I'm tired! Weekends should be for not getting dressed (or at least no makeup) and for playing outside, reading inside, and full-on relaxing. I get irritated at Sunday church meetings, especially when my Fridays and Saturdays are swamped. Monday comes too soon, and I'm not ready for the week to begin, again. Tomorrow, come noon-fifteen, clothes will be off, and I may be back in bed.

Exercise - Didn't.

Meditate - as soon as this is written and I'm ready for bed, I'll meditate. I promise.

Random Act - Dropping my rest time for sister time. Not so random? I'm still an introvert, and spending time at a chaotic house with a table full of colors and fibers intimidates me and wears me out. The fact that I was tempted to leave numerous times, and didn't, is my random act of kindness.

Day 4:
Gratitude - My awesome Palliative Care Team. We enjoy being together! What a treat to work with a group of people who like each other! Crafting (not art, just crafts) with Jenna, Maria, and Vicki. We rarely get together, so this was a treat. Scott - he pruned Jenna's trees, came home, set up the basement for movie night, and then cleaned up as well. Aww, he's a gem.

Journal - Politics. We don't look good when we knock others down. I just don't get how politicians can be so evil, self-centered, egotistical, more worried about making their words heard rather than listening. Honestly, that is so foreign to me. Gawd -

Exercise - 45 minutes doing full-body workout with Cody this morning. Whew!

Meditate - I need to remember that in the furry of my life there IS TIME to meditate!

Random Act - as I was walking out of the hospital this morning, I saw a young (college age) volunteer, in the waiting room, on the floor, playing and coloring with a child. I was so pleased with her ability to do that - kindness in action. I walked past her, then turned around, walked over to her and thanked her for what she was doing. Yeah - politicians, take note.

Day 3:
Gratitude - My sister Vicki, who is here from Montana for a few days. I love her dearly. Jenna, my daughter/friend, who just makes me darn happy. My Folklore students - they love to learn and have been so teachable this semester (and who are coming to my house on Friday and Saturday evenings for movie nights).

Journal - Grateful for friends. Grateful for persistence. Grateful for love, hope, faith, surrender, peace. Grateful for lessons learned through other's experiences so I don't have to experience. Grateful for second chances.

Exercise - Walking with Holly today at the mall. Warm, great conversation.

Meditate - I had a few minutes to pause at work today. That's it, but it will have to do.

Random Act - Thank you note to Cami for a job well-done.

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