Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nicole Harris -

Nicole Harris' body was found yesterday (Wednesday), not too far from home, after having been missing since Oct. 26, 2015.

One of my bestest friends, Cody, was a great friend to Nikki over the past 20+ years. Cody was responsible for assembling a search team within moments of Nikki being reported as missing. Cody was diligent - the kind of friend every woman needs. Cody put her needs aside for 4 months, and relentlessly assembled, hiked, scoured, hunted, reported,coordinated, and beautifully represented Nikki as family and friends went searching and gathering in hopes of finding Nikki safe and sound - somewhere.

Tonight I ache for Cody. She invested so much time hoping and believing that Nikki was safe; she was optimistic and realistic. We talked about updates on Wednesday, 2 days ago. And Cody expressed frustration at the lack of buy-in several folks had in finding Nikki. And then just a few hours later Cody received the call that Nikki's dental records matched those of the body found.

Cody - a "got your back" kind of friend everyone needs. In fact, Cody helped me through and beyond my cancer journey, sticking by my side, regardless.

Nikki - Cody loves you, aches for your hurt, aches for your family. Be safe Nikki, and please comfort Cody - let her know that her efforts were not in vain.

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