Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 2 - Happiness Is -

Gratitude - Lunch at India Palace with a friend; Coke at Utah Valley Hospital with a friend; Bulletin Board created and in place at church.

Journal - I am constantly amazed at how my prayers are answered. I'm mostly amazed that I am important enough to have prayers answered. Just when I "need," He delivers. And it all boils down to being willing to turn my will over to my Higher Power (AA 3rd Step +). I've made things so hard for so many years, that in May, when I kinda had a little surrender (aka breakdown) moment, I realized it was time to turn my will over. And as I reflected on this while talking with my Coke friend today, I realized just how free I have been these past 9 months. I'm not carrying - turning my will over means taking off the backpack filled with expectations, putting it down, and continuing on my walk, knowing I still have what I need, and if I don't, it will be provided. Remind me to share my Enoch story some day.

Exercise - 60 minutes with our lovely lovely kick-ass trainer, Cody. Then a 20 minute walk.

Meditate - Drove the car with the radio off, spending that time breathing, enjoying the sun, and staying in the moment.

Random Act of Kindness - since Christmas I have created a monthly bulletin for my church. Simple, not terribly artistic, but it is my platform for expressing Christian ideals that are important to me. (Not an email, but relatively random - few people in the congregation know I'm behind this).

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