Thursday, May 14, 2015

Faith - No Safety Net

Faith is when you turn your will over to your Higher Power, and step, with bills to pay and age to limit, without a safety net. . .

My trial comes in always having a back up plan, until now. My ego says hurry, do, create, develop, network. My soul says, you prayed for this time for healing and space - be still.


  1. "Frailnail" is me, Marvin Payne.

  2. Ronda, before I wrote the note revealing my secret identity, I wrote another inviting you to a free concert 4:30 Sunday at the Springville Art Museum of my Celtic band, Annie's Romance. Please forgive me for abusing your comment box (this is a lovely page), but I couldn't find you on Facebook anymore, where we've promoted this little event. It's late notice, I fear, but I wanted you to know. Thanks!