Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Running - Our Father - Larry -

A life spent running. abuse is the cause. 
Our Father.
Leaving to escape slows. One foot down, education no longer. Next foot down. A thumb up. Alaska awaits. 
Who art in heaven.
Frozen flourishing. Stop. Relationships with no prior training. Down, down, down. Road rash that bites and burns. No one ever told me . . . Running partners long gone. Constructing. No definition, no foundation. 
Thy kingdom.
On earth. 
John Barleycorn, No-tell Motel, Joe Camel. Diamond Lil.
Stepped on a crack, with broken back continue running. Free. Running. Free. Alone. Run into, run away from. Run toward - the unknown. Damn. Memory of first running lessons - broken switch, torn bible. Get the hell out of here. Stay the course, pray always, answers. Where? Body ravaged, by failed races, still running. 
Thy will.
Home. Homeless. Holding to hope is hopeless. Soleless, soulless, solace. 
On earth.
One foot down. 
My daily bread. 
Forgive trespasses. 
Trespassers. Walking now, one foot at a time. 
Lead me not into temptation. 
No more. One friend. Found. 
Delivered from evil. 
Lost. Loss. Race is over. No winners, only finished. 
For thine is the kingdom. 
And the power. 

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