Friday, May 22, 2015

The Dismals -

There's this most amazing canyon in Northwest Alabama - the Dismals Canyon. Unlike many of the canyons in the west, you cannot drive through this. Here you hike down, below ground level. And there you are greeted with the most pristine wilderness I've ever seen. 

This week, as I've been dealing with my own case of dismals, ennui, malaise - I've thought about the Dismals Canyon. Going deep, going from surface down, is not an easy process - you can't see what lies ahead - where the road leads, as when we're driving on the surface. Going down is often seen as going into the unknown, the dark. It's risky, scary, unsafe. 

The Dismals Canyon is beautiful - there are waterfalls, caverns, grottos, little glowing bugs that can only be found here, toads, lizards, trees with leaves as large as a small child, 27 native species of trees - an abundance of surprises. 

Dealing with my dismals is similar to hiking below ground - it is hard, exhausting, I've had my share of waterfalls this week, even a couple of geysers, there have been toads and lizards on my mossy-green path, and I've found leaves larger than I expected. I'm alone on this hike - rather than bringing the entire world (Scott) with me, I'm focusing on self-care.  

I've been filling my cup by helping others fill their cups, but I'm realizing I need to fill my own cup, by myself, for myself. What a novel idea! Rather than hiking up a mountain, to the top, I'm going to retreat into my canyon, and look a little deeper for healing.

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