Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hinges and Flexibility -

There's an LDS Primary song with these lyrics: 

I'm all made of hinges, 'cause ev'rything bends
From the top of my neck way down to my ends. 
I'm hinges in front, and I'm hinges in back; 
But I have to be hinges, or else I would crack! 

This is sung with the children standing up and moving in a robot-like fashion, as if their joints were hinges.

Alas and alack, I sometimes wonder if this is a way of conditioning children to understand the need for flexibility. For the fact that life changes, quickly, on a dime, and that if we aren't flexible, bending, we can truly crack. I often think of this song, even singing it to myself, when my days are crazy. It's a reminder that yes, life is busy, but yes, I am flexible; I have to be.

Today's, heck this week's, oh wait, maybe this year, has been nothing but allowing for changes, regularly. Sometimes it's rearranging, occasionally erasing, or often adding. My planner is filled with items crossed-out or white-outed, arrows moving one responsibility to another time. Years ago Franklin Covey, and their planner, suggested making a prioritized checklist of "to do's" for the day, getting those done first, checking them off so you could see what had been accomplished, and then either re-prioritizing that evening, or removing what hadn't been finished.

Fine in an ideal world, but my list today is a torn-sheet of paper with scribbled words, stuck in my calendar, to just get accomplished this week, in addition to what is already penned in. And my desk is a prioritized system of piles - categorized by, ummm, hmmmm, well, hopefully those piles will be eliminated by the end of the week, or else I will crack!

My calendar, my desk, my life?! 

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