Friday, May 8, 2015

Reflecting - Step 4

My mind never stops running - unless I'm playing with my grandchlidren, creating, or, well, um . . .
I'm constantly assessing my life, my beliefs, my goals, my dreams, my reality, and some days this gets pretty burdensome.

Part of doing AA's 12 steps is making a personal inventory: Step 4 - Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Most often the requirement is to write things down, not just think about them, but put them on paper - so they are in our faces, and we are totally aware of these elements in our lives. This is difficult for most of us - searching fearlessly takes time and energy, and is exhausting.

Enjoy this one - just one style of a personal inventory. I like this inventory because it does not focus strictly on negatives, but there are positive elements as well - and they are important to our inventory. Portions of this can also be used for "get to know you" situations, writing prompts, or as conversation starters.

1.    What are three behaviors in other people that hurt your feelings?

2.     Who makes you most angry most often?

3.     What experience from your childhood/adolescence still negatively impact you?

4.      What type of people do you find most annoying?

5.      What type of men do you like, admire and want to associate with?

6.     What type of child do you personally find bothersome?

7.     What type woman do you like, admire and want to associate with?

8.     What do you like most about teenagers?

9.     What is it about teenagers you find most annoying?

10. What is the emotion you most struggle against?

11. What is the emotion your mom and dad most struggled against?

12.  What about your physical body would you wish were different?

13.  What are your three greatest personal attributes?

14.  What lesson(s) does God currently most want you to learn?

15.  What is your attitude towards TIME?

16.  What has been three of your major failures in life?

17.  Who in your life has most wounded you?

18.  What adult has loved you in a healthy, unconditional manner?

19. Do you seek wisdom more from passive reading of books or actively from your "live" environment?

20.  What three things do you like most about yourself?

21.   What three people-skills do you want to become better at?

22.  Which two people in your immediate family do you have the most conflict with?

23.  Who in your past have you not yet totally forgiven?(emotionally and mentally)

24.  What were your four biggest fears as a child from age 2-12 years?

25.  What were your three biggest fears as a teenager?

26.  What are your two biggest fears now as an adult?

 27.  What has been the darkest and most discouraging period of your life?

28.  How have you hurt people in your life?
1.   During childhood:                                                                                    _
2. During adolescence:-------------------
3. As an adult: ________________________________________
29.  How would you rate the quality of love verbally and behaviorally expressed in your childhood home?     POOR              OK            GOOD           GREAT

30.  What things did you do well as a child and received praise for?

31.  What things did you do well as a teenager and received praise for?

32.  What do people now say they admire about you and praise you for?

33.  What weaknesses about you are you most anxious to hide from others?

34.  What secrets are still locked-up inside you?

35.  What positive things about parenting did you learn from your parents?

36.  What unhealthy ways from your parents do you want to avoid in your parenting?

37.  What negative characteristics about other people "bug" you the most?

38.  What would be the three worst things that could ever happen to you?

39.  What are the three best things that could happen to you in the next 10 years?

40.  What are the three best things that could happen to you before you die?
41.  Who are a few deceased men in history ...or your life you admire...and why?

42.  Who are a few deceased women from history ...or your life you admire...and why?

43.  Who are three living men you look up to...and why?

44.  Who are three living women you look up to...and why?

45.  If you had to select a different period of history in which to live than now, what would it be and in what part of the world?

46.  Which creatures in the air, land and sea best represent your personality?

47.  What type of tree, plant or flower best match you as a person?

48.  What do you, in general, like about children?

49.  Which three material possessions do you most treasure i.e. in case of a fire or flood?

50.  What three characteristics do you most like/respect in your father?

51.  What three traits do you not like very much in him?

52.  What three characteristics do you most like about your mother?

53.  What three traits do you dislike most in your mother?

54.  In retrospect, what do you wish your father would have done differently for or with you?

55.  What do you wish your mother would have done differently with you as a child?

56.  What type of friend were you to your friends during:

Childhood:        Poor ___          OK ___ Good  ___


57.  Who are your three favorite male friends?

58.  Who are your three favorite female friends?

59.  Which foods most remind you of your childhood home?

60.  What impresses you?

61.  Who from your past has been encouraging to you along your life journey?

62.  In the hereafter, after you die; if you could meet and visit with any person whom has ever lived, who would they be...and why?

63.  What do you think God would say about you?

64.  To whom are you currently most loving?

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