Saturday, March 3, 2018

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day 3/03 -

Today is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day. I've been hesitant to write about this day, just because, like anything cancer-related, it's a scary thing to even address this type of cancer. But here goes.

This picture was taken five years ago. Fiver years post-treatment is the magic number for women who have TNBC. 10-20% of women who have breast cancer have the privilege of it being Triple Negative. It is typically genetic, and usually occurs in women of African American descent. Neither of these parameters fit me. In fact, there is no history of cancer in my family. TNBC is not hormone receptive, and there is no targeted treatment for TNBC. TNBC does not have a long-term treatment/chemo plan. The approach is "cut it, kill it without killing the woman, and keep your fingers crossed."

TNBC is the most difficult breast cancer to get rid of, the rate of recurrence is very high, yet if that five year anniversary can take place, these numbers fall, dramatically.

I am grateful, every day, for my journey. It hasn't been easy, it's been a tough adventure through the years. I have worked dang hard to get and stay healthy - mind, body, and spirit.

This photo isn't glamorous, in fact, I was so sick this day I could barely stand up - no hair, not even eyelashes or eyebrows. But I think it shows my stubbornness and my "I ain't down yet" attitude.

My heart is with those women and their families I've met during my journey who lost their lives to cancer, and those women who walk this hauntingly beautiful and haphazard cancer road.

I am grateful for the support I've had, and I shake my head every day in awe of this beautiful life I am living.

In six more weeks I hit my five year post-cancer mark. Dancing toward that day.

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