Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Jet Lag on top of Finals on top of Work on top of Trip Prep -

My deck is stacked pretty darn high right now. I knew it would be - even when I planned our trip to England back in November I knew I'd be cutting things close to the end of the semester. And I did - my students did online assignments while I was gone, but I came home to the last semester of classes, and this has been brutal. I've had to finish grading, get the gradebook in order, and attempt to not be as trunky as my students! And prepare for finals next week.

And then there's jet lag - holy cow, I'm tired! Hopefully by tomorrow, or the next day, or the weekend, I'll be back to normal. But in the meantime, I about fell asleep driving home from class last night at 9:45pm. And again today at about 3pm. I've put in lots of steps just traversing the hospital and UVU campus to try and stay awake.

And then there's my hospital work. The full-time chaplain is out of town this week, so I'm working his job and mine. It's been a busy week, and will continue to be.

And then - Jenna and I are going to Amsterdam on May 7, one day after final grades are due in to the department. Hurray and Yikes!

So - do I just forget about trying to catch up on my sleep and my chaplain work, keep students happy, get grades in, and worry about the rest of my world when I get back from Amsterdam (the grandkids call it "Hamsterdam")?

Oh, and what about the garden and spring cleaning and enjoying the tulips and blossoms? Glory be I'm swamped, and I brought it on myself - no one else to blame! Busy is good - busy pays the bills. 

"To be good busy, you need to be acutely aware of what gives you energy and what depletes it."


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