Sunday, August 12, 2018

Soaring - Proud Parent Moments -

Just a few of those proud moments right now -

First - Ava!!! 8 year old Ava made the top 100 8-year olds in the nation in gymnastics. With this honor (TOPS testing), she'll be in Indianapolis this October with other girls her age tested, taught, coached, cheerleaded. This is the little one who is a little one, who has found her passion at a young age, has parents who can support this, and she is going to soar!

Second - Jenna has been in her home a little over 8 years. When she first moved in, a new momma of Tempest, she was so lonely and alone, and she commented that she was so far away from people and her community and that she'd never find friends and her place in her farming neighborhood. I've had the opportunity to watch her over the years, and I've seen her collect and provide for friends and neighbors and create an amazing community. Her home is the gathering place for her children's friends, families, teenage boys, and others. She is a powerful simple friendly host with amazing energy. She is soaring!

Third- Julie's been dealing with a lot of tough shit the past few months. She's had to make some really difficult decisions, that hurt, dealing with "stuff" she thought was in the past and is not of her control. And she's been true to herself, even when it's meant letting go of dreams. Her reality is hard right now, but she is going to soar. I know.

Lastly - A son who has confided in me this summer, and we have worked through anxieties, self-doubt, fears. We've created a new relationship for the two of us. I've seen him change this summer; he is flying!

It's awesome to watch my family soar!

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