Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Play -

An "older lady" in my church congregation in Brigham City, many moons ago, told me something that has had a strong impact on how I parent/ed and grandparent. She said her grand-daughter said to her one day, "Grandma, come to me with your hands dry." I was so taken by the depth of this statement. It's something I've tried to do - come to my children with my full attention, being fully aware that my time with them is more important than the dishes, garden, vacuuming, time on the computer/phone, grading, reading, projects. Time really is of the essence with children, regardless of age. We can project together - with wet/dirty hands, but that is together time, not - "Well, I'll make a minute for you, but we need to do it on my terms."

I'm trying to incorporate this into my life now - no children, lots to do, but still, full attention. I'm surprised at how often I can not make time for my loved ones - including Scott. My hands are typically "wet," and I need to dry them for him, for family, and particularly - for me.

PS - this is also license to play! More about that later, but think about this - when was the last time you flew a paper airplane, jumped rope, played Duck, Duck, Goose; Hot Potato, spit sunflower seeds, laughed a belly laugh?

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