Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Advice - during and after treatment-

1. Advice or compliments - only offer when asked. Otherwise:

It seems like everyone has an opinion in regards to my cancer, treatments, and recovery. I thought I'd share some of what I've heard. Most good, some necessary, some just odd - 

"Holy cow, Ronda. You look fantastic."
"You haven't changed a bit."
"You have really changed."  
“How much weight did you gain?”
“So are those breasts yours?”
"When are you having reconstructive surgery?"
"Can I see your scar?"
"Can I touch it?"
"Do you still have your nipples?"
"Do you have feeling?" 
"Are you sure you had cancer?"
"Has it spread?" 
"Looks like your treatments didn't hurt you at all."
"Recovery sure was slick for you."
"Your cancer must not have been too bad."
"Goodness, I could've never gone through what you went through."
"You are so brave."
"You are my hero."
"You've sure had a good attitude about this."
"You haven't lost your sense of humor!"
"What happened to your sense of humor?" 
“When will your chemo-brain heal?”
“Is that menopause or chemo-brain?”
“Look at all that hair.”
"Is that your hair?"
"You still seem a little slow."
"How long does it take to recover?"
"Is it going to come back?"
"When do you finish treatments?"
"When will you be back to normal?"
"My best-friend's mother's came back 5 years later, and by then it was too late."
"How long before you know if you're cured?"
"Gosh, you look like you have been in a war."
"Are you sure you can handle this?"
"I love you."  
"This isn't about you."
"Have you learned your lesson?"

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