Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Son - Plugfones -

I've bragged before, but I'm doing it again.

My son, Tyler, is a thinker. I used to tease him that he would think first, and then do, if there was time. He likes to think through a project, talk through the process, and once all of his bases are covered, he creates.

Tyler and his cousin, Shaun, make a fine team. Shaun has ideas, and Tyler takes those ideas and turns them into a reality. Together they are a great think/create tank. And they're using local entrepreneurs to help them make their dreams come true.

Tyler and Shaun have created Plugfones. And you'll have to take a gander to understand his company. But I can say I'm a proud momma. Of course I am - nothing is as gratifying as seeing my children turn into awesome adults.

So I'm bragging and placing a plug for Plugfones. What can I say - I use their products!

Plugfones' newest baby and a kickstarter here.

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