Thursday, April 28, 2016

Restaurant Recommendations from my Students -

For my Argumentative Writing students' final paper, I assign them a restaurant review. They need to take someone else with them, it can't be chain fast food, and it needs to be written subjectively objective. The students think this is going to be an easy assignment, until they enter the restaurant and begin to see more than the items on the menu.

The assignment is: 

The restaurant review should be between 750 and 1000 words. Typed, double spaced, and written as a narrative rather than outline.
Specific information about the restaurant should be included in the title, i.e. name, address, phone number.
Mention the names of guests, the items ordered (including drinks), and the prices of the dishes ordered.
You need to include an objectively subjective analysis of the restaurant from d├ęcor to service to food and bill. Some things to observe while dining and then writing your review are:
·         Get down the address, hours, phone, prices, day and time of day, web site (ask if you're not sure)
·         How many people were there? (Mostly full, three people, packed with how long of a wait time, etc)
·         Is food properly hot or cold?
·         Is it watered down?
·         Did it seem fresh?
·         Anything unusual?
·         Did they pay attention to aesthetics (color, layout, etc.)?
·         Aroma?
·         What were the prices? were the prices commensurate with the expected quality/quantity?
·         Service:
o    Were they helpful?
o    Did they rush you?
o    Did they deliver the food to the right people?
o    Were they knowledgeable?
·         Problems:
o    Was the gazpacho hot and the fajita cold?
o    Was the fly in the soup flavorless? (pardon the humor — but you catch my drift)
·         For buffets: How many items were there? Were items labeled?
·         Anything else noteworthy?

This semester's top choices are: 

Asia Palace - West Valley City

3 reviews - The Cheesecake Factory

Texas Road House

3 mixed reviews - Bombay House, Provo

Station 22, Provo

Original Pancake House, Sandy

Noodles and Co., Provo

Savory and Sweet, 182 West Center Street, Orem

Village Inn, Orem

El Pescador, Ontario, CA

Cravings Bistro, Pleasant Grove

India Palace, Provo

4 reviews - Maria Bonita Mexican Grill, Orem

Pizzeria 712, Orem

Black Sheep, Provo

4 mixed reviews - Chili's, Orem

Rice King, Provo

Rincon Peruano, Orem

Tucanos Brazilian Grill, Provo

Galilee Grill and Bakery

Cafe Molise, Salt Lake City

Chedda Burger, Salt Lake City

2 reviews - Home Cooking

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