Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Anti-Prince and Idols -

Yeah - I've never really been a fan of Prince, the person formally known as Prince, or his music. I'm a product of the music of the 60s and 70s, and to some degree the 80s, but his stuff just never spoke to me.

Today on all the news channels around me were up-to-the-minute reports on his death and his "musical legacy." And the media had such a news frenzy around his life, even Google has a doodle just for him. Today in folklore we talked about music, and not a single student even mentioned him. They mentioned the influence their families had on their music, but not the influence musicians had on their music choices. I understand - he'll be a hero soon, but the media is telling its viewers who to worship by putting him in our faces and delivering their message - supposedly the message we want to hear, or they want us to hear. How about celebrating the Queen's birthday rather than the Prince's death?

I had a client die last Friday. Her funeral was Tuesday. She was a mother of 3 children (all adults now) and the wife of one crazy guy. This couple lived on the "edge," had lots of non-conforming habits, had friends and enemies. Yet she died. Her family loved her; she was their sunshine. Her 3 children are her legacy.

I have another client who will be knocking on heaven's door in the next few days. You'll never hear of her in the news; she hasn't done anything newsworthy. But she's a mother of 2, grandmother of 1, daughter, sister, friend, lover of nature. Her mother is one heck of a strong woman, and I see why this client has been able to hang on to life as long as she has.

I have another client who is dying, and has probably weeks to live. I have watched her slow decline. Her husband's greatest fear is to walk into their bedroom, where she naps, and find her not sleeping, but not breathing.

And the list goes on. My clients will be leaving families, friends, careers, and debt. And these clients of mine are every bit as important as Sir Prince. May he rest in peace, and may my clients and their families find peace.

Be careful who you worship -

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